सुख say it out loud now... "Sue-Ka"
Sukha is a Sanskrit and Pāli word that is often translated as “happiness", "ease" or "pleasure". We like to think of it as all three.

About Us

melodie rodriguez yoga instructorMelodie Rodriguez

Melodie is a Barbadian through and through. Although she studied in Canada where she completed her degree in Naturopathic Medicine, she promptly returned home and opened her own practice in 2004.

Shortly after returning she started her love affair with yoga and realized how important movement, awareness and breath are to our well being. In 2006 she travelled to Guatemala where she completed her 200hr yoga teacher training and Thai Yoga massage with Paula Tursi.

Since then Melodie has been teaching strong, humour filled classes and continues to study Anusara yoga with her teachers Christy Punnett and John Friend. She is inspired by the true essence of our heart's-goodness, joy and love and uses this with strong body alignment to help her students and patients alike.

The desire to share her heart and everything she learns led her to open Sukha Yoga and Wellness with her husband Kris. The studio is a place for all things movement where you are invited to laugh, learn and love your life.

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What They Say

images The heart of forgiveness is based in forgiving ourselves for forgetting the truth of who we are- that we are expressions of the Divine.

~Sheri Rosenthal

About Us

Our regular schedule of yoga, pilates and other wellness classes will keep you breathing, stretching, strengthening and smiling. We welcome students of all ages and abilities, and hope that we have something that enhances your experience of this beautiful gift of life.