सुख say it out loud now... "Sue-Ka"
Sukha is a Sanskrit and Pāli word that is often translated as “happiness", "ease" or "pleasure". We like to think of it as all three.



From Simpson Motors roundabout- head north towards Sandy Lane. Make the first left opposite Mitsubishi Motors. Follow the road to the traffic lights at Queen's College. Turn right. Make next right at Y junction into Prior Park. Turn into second gap on the left at Highpark House sign.

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The house has enough room to park at least 10 cars in the main area and several more in the driveway coming in. If you're not sure just ask!

parking diagram

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Where We Are

Highpark House
Prior Park, St James

Phone: (246) 266-2133
FAX: (246) 438-0118

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What They Say

images The heart of forgiveness is based in forgiving ourselves for forgetting the truth of who we are- that we are expressions of the Divine.

~Sheri Rosenthal

About Us

Our regular schedule of yoga, pilates and other wellness classes will keep you breathing, stretching, strengthening and smiling. We welcome students of all ages and abilities, and hope that we have something that enhances your experience of this beautiful gift of life.